Pretty in Pink

I had the day off and Michelle had the day off and TW did not have the day off, so Michelle and I had a half day mommy and me excursion. We try to do this kind of thing every few months – just take a day, either a full day or half a day and ignore work and ignore school and just do stuff together. It’s important, to walk away from the school part of our relationship, ya know?

Today we picked TW up for lunch and headed toward University. Nobody seemed to know what they wanted to eat (typical in this family) so I picked the closest thing I could find, a mediterranean restaurant that just opened on University but has a branch near us. It was closed, so I just kept driving. Pulled into a parking spot on the street in front of a hole in the wall Jamacian restaurant and we had a terrific lunch. Jerk Tofu, Jerk Chicken, Vegetarian Steak. Lots of rice, plantains and cabbage. Jamacian sodas, too. (I have a fondness for Ginger Beer.)

We took TW back to work, went back to University and spent some time in the used clothing shop. Bought TW a retro looking Hard Rock Cafe shirt. (we dislike Hard Rock Cafe but like retro stuff) Michelle bought a shirt, some capris and the Pretty in Pink dress you see her modeling.

From there, the library and Publix. Home for a couple of hours and then we all headed back down to University to meet with Michelle’s tattoo artist. He’s working on the drawing for her tattoo, or he was suppose to be. He didn’t have it ready when we arrived so we wandered around while he fiddled with it. When he showed it to us, I was sort of “eh, not great” but Michelle was more disappointed with it than I was. So, we flipped through the pages of drawings and talked to him about what we didn’t like about what he’d drawn. We left him with some more ideas and he’ll show them to us again in a couple of days.

Fun mommy & me day but she was a little disappointed that it ended without the final drawing for her tattoo. Such is life, though. Patience is good. Disappointment builds character. They don’t teach those types of lessons in public school, do they? Certainly not with tattoos.

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4 responses to “Pretty in Pink

  1. Very pretty in pink.

  2. That’s a fantastic dress!

    Mmm plantains. I haven’t had plantains since I moved to Toronto.

  3. Thanks Vanda – sassymonkey, do you have a recipe for plantains? I’ve been promising Michelle we would make plantains for months and haven’t done it. I do have recipes, though.

  4. I had to check. I don’t appear to have a recipe in any of my books. I refuse to look in my recipe boxes. They are full of hundreds of untried recipes and they scare me.

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