Like a Caged Lion

Michelle is going to be participating in the Dual Enrollment program at the local community college.  She’s very excited about doing this and I’m excited too.  I’m also nervous.  Not only is she going to college, she’s going to be interacting on an educational level with kids.  Socialization, ack! Can she handle it?  Can they handle her?

As part of the registration process, we decided to register her "in name only" at the high school she’s zoned for.  There are financial benefits for us if we do this and financial benefits for the college, as well.  So, we did it.  That meant taking Michelle across the street to the high school to sign the papers.  We were there less than 10 minutes and she paced the attendance office like a caged lion. 

It made her nervous to be there and it made me nervous to watch her.  I was talking to the clerk about the possiblity of having her homeschool portfolio evaluated there so she could get a "real" high school diploma.  MIchelle misunderstood what was said and thought she was going to have to take a physical education class at that high school.  Pure fear in her eyes and her voice.

It isn’t going to school that troubles her, it’s going to that school.  It’s not interacting and "socializing" with other students that worries her, it’s interacting and "socializing" with a particular group of students.  As far as we’ve come, since the spring of 2004, I don’t think we’ve come all of the way.  I don’t think time has healed all of her wounds and I’m not sure she has gained quite enough confidence to handle life among the scarey people. 

This fall is going to be a really interesting time in Michelle’s life.  I’m nervous.

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4 responses to “Like a Caged Lion

  1. I really, really hope the dual enrollment goes well for her. As for that high school and those particular students, scarey people can take awhile to get over. I know people who still aren’t over high school…

    Does she have to have physical education requirements? I never thought about that.

  2. Isn’t that horrible, to have to “get over” high school?

    In order to get a high school diploma here, kids are required to have 1 credit of a “PE”.

    It’s not a big deal for a homeschooler to document that he/she has fulfilled the requirements for a PE. I’m not sure we’re going to bother with the “real diploma” anyway. I was just talking to the clerk about it, since it is an option. I like knowing my options. 😉

  3. There are places that I can just drive by and be stressed over. I’m not sure there is ever a time where one completely gets over experiences that are traumatic.

    The dual enrollment sounds like the perfect pathway for her daughter. I’ll be interested to read your entries as she embarks on the journey.

    (PS — that PE requirement is lots easier where you are than it is here. Sticks has to do 2 semesters of PE classes next year because they won’t give him 4 semesters credit for marching band — only 2. Homeschooled kids aren’t exempt, either.)


  4. We’re in Florida, the land of No Child Left Behind – so we make it real easy for them. 😉

    Thanks for visiting, DnW. (Nice umbrella photo yesterday, by the way!)

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