My Brother, Andrew Shue?

Remember when all of the big mommybloggers went to Clubmom headquarters and the blogosphere was all asqueeeee over meeting Andrew Shue? Remember that? Remember when Clubmom launched the first of the mommyblogs and some folks got all aflutter over the possiblity of “Billy” reading their blogs? Right, you remember, well good because we need to talk about that.

Those blogs, they sort of made me uncomfortable. They still do. I don’t get the big deal and I really don’t want to get the big deal. I was a Melrose fan. I even adored Billy until he got suckered in by Heather Locklear and then I lost all respect for him. I mean really, didn’t he watch Dynasty and KNOW Sammy Jo was evil? Helloooo, I understand the attraction but use your brains, Billy boy. We’ve all had our heads turned by hot, powerful women (well umm I have) but sometimes we just have to say no and stay home with quiet, dependable women like Allison. Uh, wait, I think I just got off track – where was I?

Oh yea, I don’t understand all of the excitement with the mommybloggers and Billy. The reason I don’t understand it is because it’s sort of like getting excited about my brother. I just can’t go there. It’s weird and wrong. My brother is a nice guy, mostly. I enjoyed having him as a brother, mostly. If he ever tells you some weird story about me trying to get him lost in the woods, at the beach, sort of like a Hansel & Gretel thing – well he’s lying, other than that, I like him like you’re suppose to like your brother.

And that’s the problem. Andrew Shue = my brother.

During the whole Melrose Place craze women were bound and determined to ruin things for me by telling me how lucky I was to have a brother who LOOKED JUST LIKE BILLY. Over and over again, non-stop. Ohhhh your brother, he looks just like Andrew Shue! Ohhhh how can you stand a brother who is that adorable???? Do you think he’d date an older woman??? On and on and on. Blah!

So ladies, when you squeeee all over Billy, you’re squeeeeing all over my brother and it’s gross. Don’t do that. OK? You don’t want me squeeeeeing all over your brother (or your sister), do you?

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10 responses to “My Brother, Andrew Shue?

  1. There’s just so many things about this entry that make me feel.. weird. Mostly the use of the word (is it a word?) squeeee. Like Shue squeeee… eeeewww.

  2. Snead love, speaking of pop culture… of course squee is a word. Gosh, I would have thought you knew that.

    Squee – Squee can be an exclamation, or interjection, of excited happiness or surprise, especially when referring to fangirls, or be a squeal of glee over something incredibly cute.

  3. “squee”, best word ever next to “gah”

    Link loving me, Denise? I’m feeling it, I’m feeling the love. It was also a nostalgic look back to when I was this >…< close to Andrew S. His Fine Self.

    Andrew clearly modeled himself after your hunky bro. Ignore the “hunky”, he is, after all, your bro.

  4. Mr Shue is slightly older than my brother so maybe my brother was modeling himself after Billy? Whatever, it still gives me the creeps.

    I’m wondering if anyone’s sister looks like Elisabeth, because I could post an entry about her… umm maybe not, this is a mommy site after all.

    Squee is not a word I use very often but it felt right here. I do like the word gah! but I don’t use it very often. I should change that.

  5. You know, it was only about two weeks ago that I figured out he wasn’t the one who was in Weekend at Bernie’s. Wait – do you think I am going to get fired for admitting that?

  6. Ha! I’m debating on telling the story about my g/f and her confusion over just who Andrew Shue is. It makes your confession seem like a wee little thing.

    Nah, you won’t get fired. You have a nice blog.

  7. I promise, on my word of honor, not to squee all over your brother.

  8. Thank you, skeeter. I always know I can count on you.

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