Just the Facts M’am

After math, science is my least favorite subject to explore with Michelle.  She knows more than I do about both subjects and I hate it when that happens. I avoid science related topics at all cost and let her explore those mysteries of the world with people who know more than I do, and more than she does.

I find these science fact or fiction, myth-busting things, interesting though.  This is a list of science facts that people get wrong.  I probably like these because the title clearly indicates PEOPLE get these things wrong, that means I’m not alone in my lack of scientific know-how and knowledge.  Some of you dummies errr brilliant people are just like me – scientifically clueless.   

Enjoy the list and click the link at the bottom to learn why some of us get these facts wrong.  Then track down your kid and wow him or her with your brilliance. 

1 Spacecraft heat up on re-entry because of the friction of the atmosphere.

2 Everest is the highest mountain in the world

3 Pressure cookers force steam into the food, cooking it quicker

4 There are five body senses

5 There are four tastes

6 A lightning conductor works by safely conducting the lightning to ground

7 Things expand as they get hotter

8 There are seven colours in the rainbow

9 Foucault’s Pendulum appears to rotate because the earth rotates underneath it

Get the facts!

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4 responses to “Just the Facts M’am

  1. It is confirmed, sigh.
    I need to brush up on this
    Lest the kids mock me.

  2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mauna_Kea

    The actual answer to #2 is Mauna Kea in Hawaii. The volcano actually starts so far below sea level that when you count it’s entire height it tops everything else.

  3. I’m even more confused now than I was before I read the answers…

  4. And there’s the beauty of science, always a different answer so we can somehow convince the kids we were right the first time.


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