Social Protest

My son is a hardcore vegetarian.  He’s chosen to be a vegetarian because of his social and political beliefs.  He’s a serious PETA follower.  My son, he’s moved back home.  Home to a house that contains quite the mix of eaters.  TW and I are flexitarian, the 1/2 child is a true carnivore, the little kids are umm well they are kids who have interesting food needs and Michelle is pretty flexitarian, herself.  Luckily the boy doesn’t eat much so he doesn’t have to dive into the fridge and make his way past leftover porkchops or lunchmeat very often.

Michelle is enjoying having this PETA loving brother home again and I appreciate it too, from an educational perspective- social protests and political protests are awesome tools for educating teenagers. 

Michelle has protested the war and she learned that mean people suck while doing so.  Now, she’s protested KFC’s cruelty to chickens and she learned what I think is a valuable life lesson.  Apparently the protest yesterday was a bust so they have plans to try it again next week – different time and different location. 

That’s an important thing to know, isn’t it?  It’s very possible that she’ll have to organize an event at some point in her life. She might even need to think about publicity for an event, or a business. Thinking about things like timing and location now, for a KFC protest, might just help her at some point in the future.

Yesterday’s protest may have been a bust in more ways than one – it got me craving Original Recipe.  Don’t tell either Michelle or Chris, ok?

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2 responses to “Social Protest

  1. social protests and political protests are awesome tools for educating teenagers

    😉 funny…my parents never saw it that way….really, I love Chris…

  2. Get a life for fsck sake… seriously.

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