Piercings and Education

As you can see, Michelle-Belle (shoot, don’t tell her I slipped and called her that in public) has a lip piercing. She also has a belly button and some ear piercings. Her 20 year old brother has ears pierced (one is gauged), his tongue and a bridge piercing. (If he has any other piercings, I don’t want to know about them). Her 23 year old sister has belly button and tongue and nose and ear piercings. (If she has other piercings, I don’t want to know about them). Yesterday, a friend of mine took her daughter to get the back of her neck pierced. (adding a photo of HJ’s nape piercing Before you cringe and immediately say “No way, my kid is never doing that!” take a minute to think about the educational possiblities!

First, there’s the whole work for the money thing. Piercings are no longer $9.99, people. Michelle’s lip was $60 and she got a wee discount. HJ’s neck was $75 (down here I believe it probably would have been more). Don’t forget to add in the cost of salt spray and the notarized form if your state requires such a thing.

Second, that notarized form. It’s an interesting experience for kids, taking them to have a form that applies to them notarized. Learning what that means and why it’s required for things like piercing a minor.

Third, research. Before you get a piercing (or tattoo) you should really scope out the parlors and make sure you’re choosing a healthy, safe environment. Make your teen research the health department laws regarding piercing studios for your state, and for some surrounding states. It’s interesting to read those regulations. It’s also interesting to visit a few shops and see who is following the rules to the letter, who goes above and beyond and who might not be following those rules. During the research procedure, don’t leave out the possible DANGERS and COMPLICATIONS of piercings. You might even consider having your teen call his physician and ask questions about this topic BEFORE she gets that piercing.

And, last but not least, share this story with your teen and talk about this.

Everything is educational. Even getting a body piercing.

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10 responses to “Piercings and Education

  1. When did your boy get the bridge piercing? I don’t remember hearing about that one.

  2. A long time ago, didn’t I post pictures? Hmmm, when did he get that done? After McDonalds but before Steak & Pasta Works lol.

  3. Okay, here’s a piercing for you. About 5 months ago a girl showed up for our dance class with what looked like 3 studs going straight into her chest. They were all above her leotard.

    My class was right after Girl’s, so she reads or something during it, when we left the studio she was like ‘WHAT WAS THAT?’

  4. Three studs? Not four? My first thought was it’s just a surface piercing but it could be a deep chest piercing or even a suspension piercing. I’d link you but I don’t want to send you off to look at things you might be uncomfortable with. When the big kids wake up, I’ll have them give me a link to a safe piercing page. 🙂

  5. Is there something special about 4? It’s possible that I missed one, I was kind of busy and trying the darnest not to be too obvious that I was staring. Few things make me too uncomfortable, but I’m not that curious, so I’ll pass on any links.

  6. I was trying to picture what you saw – 4 might indicate it was really just two piercings and you were seeing 4 “balls” with the bar running between them. 3 going “straight in” is not something I see often and it’s interesting. (Lee, are you lurking? Have any thoughts here?)

    I’m betting if you had asked her about her piercing, she’d have been happy to tell you about it. Body mod folks tend to enjoy talking about these things, if you ask nicely and not like you think they’re nuts. 🙂

  7. Hmm, probably I should have asked. They were new (you could still see the benadine solution stains around them) and she probably was excited by what she had done.
    I tended to keep my mouth shut in that class because I was the ‘heavy’ old lady in with a bunch of 20-yr-old things that bounced all over the place. Not real great for my self-image.

  8. My daughter has numerous ear piercings and one “barbell” in her ear. She is interested in other body piercings, but my house rules were I’ll sign for ears, anyother body part, she’ll have to wait until she’s 18 and can sign the permission slip herself. The idea being that she thinks long and hard about what she’s going to do. Also, except for the first pierced ears, she has paid for all of the rest, she does have a job.

  9. I paid for the three holes (well 2 1/2) in Michelle’s ears. And I bought her bellybutton piercing for her birthday when she was 14. Her lip, she paid for.

    I paid for my son’s eyebrow piercing for his 16th birthday and one of his ear piercings when he was 10. His other piercings, he’s paid for.

    My oldest daughter, I paid for her two earrings and her belly button – the rest she got after she was a grown up.

    With most piercings they really do heal almost invisibly if someone decides to let the piercing close. My son had really really gauged his ear, it was a huge hole and now it just looks like a normal piercing because he kept losing the gauging rings and gave up. He also pulled out the septum piercing and you can’t even tell he had it after 6 weeks of not wearing the jewelry.

    I drew the line more at the number of facial piercings rather than the location – and I won’t authorize a tongue piercing or genital piercings. Those have to wait til they can sign the papers themselves. 🙂

  10. I think it is great that more parents are letting kids decide for themselves about piercing! My daughter got her lip pierced about a month ago. We live in a RURAL community that is about 50 years behind the times, so needless to say there have been quite a few reactions to hers. My 15 year old daughter gets straight A’s, has worked all summer at a FF restaurant, already paid her dad and I back for her car that we bought her, and she NEVER gets in trouble. To me, she is more mature than some adults and able to make the decision to get a piercing. I mean, we send our kids to school everyday thinking they are mature enough to say no to smoking, drugs and alcohol (we might be a TINY school but it is still there!!), so why shouldn’t they be mature enough to make this decision? I say let them express themselves. I graduated 15 years ago and had my ears pierced 3 times all through HS. THAT was daring at that time. Things have changed.

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