Billy Corgan – Smashing!

Michelle finished Sense & Sensibility – yea!  I attempted to bribe her with $10 but she didn’t need the bribe (or the money, she’s saving tons with this summer job).  She wrote a mini summary of the book and hopefully she’s working on her vocabulary for the SAT assignment that will be due in a couple of weeks.  I wonder which 20 vocabulary words she’ll choose as being "new to her" or "difficult for her".  Stay tuned, I’ll get back to you on that.

She’s started another book.  She stole it from her brother.  She may not give it back so I have plotted to steal it from her and read it myself and then I can return it to Christopher.  Would you like to know which book is causing this sibling stealing and mom manipulations? 

Blinking with Fists … Poetry … by Billy Corgan … Yes, Billy Corgan aka Mr Smashing Pumpkins himself.

I’ve seen some good reviews and some really horrible reviews of this book.  Part of me is dying to read it and part of me is worried that I’ll be let down.  Musicians who write great songs don’t always make good written word poets. 

We shall see – and from there, maybe we’ll dig deeper into the world of musicians turned poets – or poets turned musicians.  Any suggestions on who to read and who not to read?  (Or who to listen to and who not to listen to?)

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One response to “Billy Corgan – Smashing!

  1. The first one that comes to mind is Leonard Cohen but I don’t really know if Michelle would like him (I’m leaning towards not).

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