The Ones the Got Away

I shared our reading lists for 8th grade, 9th grade and 10th grade but what you didn’t see were the books that got away.  The ones that were suppose to be read, but weren’t.  The ones we never quite managed to find time for.  The ones Michelle negotiated her way out of or procrastinated her time away from.  These are good books, books "everyone should read" and books she has expressed interest in – well except TKaM, I was forcing her to read that, good mom that I am.

Jane Eyre
Clockwork Orange
Gone with the Wind
To Kill a Mockingbird

What do you think?  Give a yey! or nay! to any or all of them.  I need to start pulling a list together for the junior year negotiations so toss out some of your own favorite "must read in high school" titles.

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17 responses to “The Ones the Got Away

  1. The only one I’ve read is Gone with the Wind and that was purely under my own steam.

    I really wish I had read To Kill a Mockingbird. It’s the one book I really regret not being “forced” to read in high school. I plan to read it later this year.

  2. I thought she read GWTW in SC.

  3. Nope, I couldn’t find my copy and then she decided she wasn’t really interested anyway. Too many boys and Pagan drama and stuff.

  4. Oh good, give me a week’s notice and Michelle can read it with you. (That way I won’t have to re-read it!)

    Wait, you haven’t read Jane Eyre?

  5. I’ve read everything there, but Clockwork Orange. I’d recommend Jane Eyre and TKaM. Gone with the Wind, I read once, was happy I did, but will never read again. I hated it. We’re still pulling together Boy’s list, I’ll post it with his plan for his junior year.

  6. Nope. Haven’t read Jane Eyre. I started it at some point when I was pretty young (I’d guess around 10) but it didn’t pull me in and I’ve just never gotten back around to it. Same with Wuthering Heights.

    TKaM won’t likely be until at least October. I’m going to need some recovery time after the Summer Reading Challenge.

  7. Meg? You hated GWtW???? How come? I loved it and think I’ve read it three times. (I’m not sure Michelle will love it, which is why I let her procrastinate it off her list for 9th grade).

    I’m very anxious to see Boy’s Junior year list! We are holding off on Michelle’s list ’til we see what her college English class is going to look like, not to mention the college Am His.

    Sassymonkey – now I am disappointed, you’ve not read Wuthering Heights either?? Goodness you Canadians. heh. 😉

  8. Haven’t we had this discussion before? You know – the one where I’ve read none of what you think I should have? 😉

  9. I’ve never read A Clockwork Orange. Never wanted to. I tried to watch the movie aobut a year ago. It totally befuddled me. I know, I now … all we children of the sixties are supposed to find great meaning in it. Maybe if I’d done acid … I dont’ know.

    The rest of them … yeah, she should read them. Don’t know if she’ll like them but I think she should give them an honest try. Hell, wouldn’t hurt to give Clockwork a try, too. As part of a well-rounded grounding in literature, don’t you know!

  10. LOL Skeeter. Clockwork was her choice. She was dying to read it a couple of years ago – gender fluidity and all that stuff – but she got distracted, then she went to live with her dad and then when she came back home, she misplaced the book. She’s found it now and wants it back on the list.

    I think Clockwork is the only one she’ll really love.

  11. Ah! Then perhaps you might suggest it as a reward … after she reads the others! :0)

  12. Withold a book? Use it as a reward? Ummm you’re nuts, skeeter! It’s in her room. It’s her book. And I’m not the witholding “treats” kind of woman.


  13. Those are all great books and I did read some of them in HS but the book I remember the most was called A Town Like Alice. I can’t remember the author but it is based on a true story of what a group of POW women did to survive during WW2 in Austrilia. This is an inspiring story and a fantastic read for anyone.

  14. TKaM definitely. Clockwork only because she wants to…Jane because she SHOULD, GWtW, nah.

  15. I think “A Clockwork Orange” is an aweful book and a worse movie. I had to write about it in college and I did not see any value in it at all; I found it very disturbing. The other books are classics and I highly recommend them…especially To Kill a Mockingbird”!

  16. Hey Cathie! A Town Like Alice, I read that but had forgotten all about it. I think Michelle could definitely get into this. Thanks – I’m putting it on the long list for consideration.

    Mom – I don’t know what you have against GWtW. I remember when I read it in Pepperhill and you thought it was a waste of time.

    Wow Michelle – I don’t think I’ve ever talked to anyone who thought Clockwork was an awful book and worse movie. Disturbing yes, but awful?

  17. Okay, I posted Boy’s junior year reading list.

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