Michelle decided to experiment last night…





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4 responses to “Sewing

  1. Experiment with what?

  2. That’s how I learned to sew- by experimenting. And now everyone always asks me where I got stuff that I make and then don’t believe me when I admit I made it. LOL Experimenting is good!

  3. I will tell her that. Threading the bobbin is like a huge production for her (and ummm me) at this point, but she has fun with it and she has had some success. Last night, not a huge success but she isn’t giving up.

  4. That red polka dot dress, got too tight in the rear (imagine that) and she ripped it. So she took it apart and I don’t know what she did after that but she was trying to umm change it somehow.

    I’ll get back to you with photos if she ever finishes.

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