I created a "Birds of a Feather" group for Edublogging, at Blogher.  There seem to be six or seven people signed up.  Do you have questions about how to use blogs for homeschooling?  Do you have ideas?  If you post your thoughts here in the comments, I’ll make sure to bring them up tomorrow during the "Birds of a Feather" group.  We may have traditional teachers and university/college/academia people rather than homeschoolers but who knows…

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One response to “Edublogging?

  1. How fun, Denise, wish I could be there.

    I’ve found many a good book or resource recommendation on the edublogs, and reading about other families’ homeschooling experiences can be quite inspiring. Look at those beautiful nature notebooks, let’s do that! Fairy houses, how fun! That sort of thing.

    I love to look at other people’s schedules and booklists. I also thing blogging helps keep ME at my best–wanting to be true to what I’m writing, you know, showing a real picture of what we’re doing–this keeps me working to make sure things are running smoothly and that learning is fun for all the kids.

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