School Wellness Policies & Plans – Homeschool Version?

Dr Brownell, (who I have enjoyed working with in the past), recently wrote about School Wellness Policies and his group blog. A couple of days later, a local newsfeed that I read had an article about the county’s School Wellness Plans. Read through the articles. It’s an interesting idea and an interesting topic and an idea that homeschoolers might want to think a little about.

Increased nutritional education and increased exercise and a la carte food items sold in the schools are the primary focus issues. All of which seem like good issues to focus on. I have a lot of thoughts regarding these public school health policies but since this is a homeschool blog, I’m going to think out loud about OUR homeschool wellness policies and plans.

Last year, we spent months and months with meal planning and grocery shopping. The year before, we spent a lot ot time with nutrition education, label reading and healthy diet discussions. This year…. I have no plans, as of yet.

Last year, we weren’t very good about tracking physical exercise. Yes she did some yoga, yes she skateboarded, yes she walked and ran. But we didn’t track it. The year before, I made sure to really pay attention to exercise so we were sure she had met the “one year of physical education” requirement – just in case we want to carry in her records and have her receive a high school diploma. This year, I believe Michelle will use the gym at the community college quite a bit, but we don’t have a plan.

Do you have a homeschool wellness plan? How do you handle nutrition education, exercise and food choices at home? What do you think is important for high school age children to know about nutrition? How much exercise should a high school age child be getting? How much control should you have over your high schoolers “a la carte” eating?

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