On the Road?

We’re considering "On the Road" and along with that it seems to make sense to explore some "beatnicks" and the like, don’t you think?  Alan Ginsberg?  Abbie Hoffman? Check out this lesson plan.

Who is your favorite "beat"?  Who should we not overlook?

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6 responses to “On the Road?

  1. Dobie Gillis’ friend Manfred. Was there a book?

  2. I’ve never specifically studied then but I can see both Alan Ginsberg and Abbie Hoffman being interesting. I’ve actually wanted to read more about both of them at some point.

  3. Hmmm @ Manfred Donike? The drug tester? hmmm. Oh you mean Maynard G Krebbs, duh. It took me a minute to follow along there. This is a good idea. Beatnick on TV, cool. Can you get Dobie Gillis on DVD? I’ll check.

    Cool, sassymonkey, when I’ve done more research I’ll post some book links. 🙂

  4. Thanks. It’s not something we really covered in history up here and I never really was able to squeeze any American history courses into my schedule at University (well…I might have had I not taken Russian history but that’s a whole other story).

  5. On the Road by Jack Kerouac!!! If you ever get to Colorado, I’ll be happy to show you the gas station that Jack stopped at in Longmont. It’s been moved and is awaiting restoration when they finally figure out where to put it.

  6. We need to take Michelle to Colorado, to meet her grandmother (TW’s mom). I think that would be an awesome school related road trip. I’ll let you know when we make those travel plans.

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