$10 Question

So Clubmom really wants me to answer the $10 question, they even sent me a special email about it yesterday.  And don’t try to tell me they sent everyone that email because I’ve never gotten email before so obviously, they just really want my take on this.  If any of you got some sort of email, I’m sure it was a fluke.

The problem is this, I can’t answer the question because the answer depends on a zillion factors.  First, where did I find this $10?  Was it floating around the Starbucks parking lot or did I find it when I pulled Michelle’s laundry out of the dryer?  Did I find it outside of Prince J’s bedroom?  Or did I find it on the floor at Publix? 

If I found it floating around the parking lot at Starbucks, I’d probably shove it into the tip jar when I got my morning coffee.  I don’t actually need money, I have one of those magic Starbucks cards and it automatically reloads by some special magic process – so no money necessary.  Tip money, I rarely have so that would be a good option.

If it was in the laundry with Michelle’s clothes, I might consider giving it back to her – depending on how annoyed I was with her about having to take her clothes out of the dryer in the first place.  I might consider hanging onto it until the next time she asked me for cash (which is thankfully rare these days) and hand it back to her. 

On the floor, outside of Prince J’s bedroom?  I’d hold it for ransom until he brought every last tea mug and piece of trash and dirty clothing down from his room.  I might also send him out to pick up sticks, nah, that causes me more pain than even I can stand. 

Floor at Publix?  Hmmm, I’d probably ask all of the nice people around me if they lost any money and if I was lucky enough not to get conned by one of them and lose my lucky $10 then I’d head over to the lottery ticket station and throw the found money away there – because nobody ever wins those things.

Now, I wonder what Michelle would do with found money and if it would depend upon where she found it.  I’ll ask her when she gets home and get back to you.

See, THIS is why Clubmom was desperate for my answer.  I can make even the simplest questions complicated.

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One response to “$10 Question

  1. Who you makes things complicated? Nah not you.

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