How to Fail at Homeschooling?

I have so many questions… Melissa at DotMoms has this post about "failing at homeschooling" and I don’t like the post.  I’m not even sure I understand it.  Or maybe it isn’t that I don’t like it and it is just that I don’t understand it?  I don’t know, and I don’t actually care.  I just know, well, I don’t like it.

Is working with your public schooled kids, for a couple of weeks over the summer, really "homeschooling"?  I don’t know, I guess, maybe, sort of, umm, I don’t know.   Or is it school-at-home?  And should I, the person homeschooling, school-at-homing and sending my kid back into the school system in the form of dual enrollment be the one asking this question at all?

Is it accurate to plop off a list of ways to fail at homeschooling, particularly since her list didn’t seem like failure and certainly not for someone who is only "homeschooling" for a couple of weeks before school starts.  Consistently underestimating your kid, that would be a problem, for anyone but for someone who was doing a bit of a summer brush up before school started, not really a failure if you ask me.  Oversleeping, screwing up your schedule – that is not an indicator of failure nor is it an indicator that you suck.  I don’t get the list.  I don’t get the making of a list like this and calling it examples of failing at homeschool.

And, I was going to leave this out but now I’m not.  Her evaluation of family members who are doing great with homeschooling and those who aren’t… that troubled me too.  Why do people feel like they get to be the ones to judge who is doing great, and who isn’t?  One of the benefits of homeschooling is doing it YOUR way and not having to live up to other people’s expectations and ideas regarding YOUR children and their education.  People feeling like they get to judge homeschoolers’ success and/or failure, that bugs me.

Bah, did I mention I didn’t like the post?  But maybe it’s just me and I’m over-tired or something?

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6 responses to “How to Fail at Homeschooling?

  1. It was such a negative post.Knowing how you feel about homeschooling I’m not suprised that you didn’t like it.

  2. What is really sad is all of the “I can’t wait to get rid of my kids” type comments at the end.

  3. Hey Christine – well I have to admit to two things. First, I’ve felt that way about my kids so I’d have a hard time faulting her for that. heh. It’s sad, but true. Second, I totally missed that line in the first place. Possibly because I have felt that way, so it didn’t bother me and I understand people who are anxious for school for that reason. 🙂

    But, by bringing it up, you are making a valid point about parenting and families and lifestyles.

  4. Yes, I’ll admit that I have said things like that in the past too. But that’s probably one of the reasons I think it’s sad. It makes me feel sad to think that it is “normal” to think/say/feel that, and most don’t know it can be different. Speaking from experience, it makes it easier to send them off if you convince yourself that it’s good for them, or good for yourself.

  5. I didn’t like it either. It just plays into some stereotypes by people who aren’t even homeschoolers.

  6. I blogged about the stereotypes in a recent entry when I came across a letter on the NEA website. is always a good one when looking for topics to write on, that’s for sure!

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