Nervous About College

I’ve been nervous about sending Michelle off to the community college part-time.  Typical mom feelings that every mom has when she sends her kid off to learn with the big kids.  Well maybe not typical since Michelle is only 16, since she’s been homeschooled for a few years, since she’s had a lot to deal with and this is going to be a real test of what she’s learned and how much she’s grown up.  Michelle, she has not been nervous – until now.

I noticed it late last week.  She seemed quiet about college.  Then, over the weekend TW was driving her to work and to friends because my ankle had me out of commission and Michelle was grouchy because we had taken the little kids back to school shopping but hadn’t taken her.  Hmm, I told her on Wednesday that I’d take her long before her classes started.  Maybe she was worried that wouldn’t happen since my ankle issues happened?  Or maybe obsessing about new jeans was a sign that she’s getting nervous?

This morning, she buzzed me on AIM very early and said "Do you realize I’m going to start college in 9 days?"  and then she said "What do I need? Notebooks? Binders? Surely there isn’t a special supply list!"  Heh.

Going to college is scarey and it’s beginning to hit her that this is real.  She’s not going to be at home all day, learning at her own pace, with only her mom and some invisible over the internet teachers to answer to. 

Nervous, yes indeedy, we are all getting a little nervous.


8 responses to “Nervous About College

  1. I hope her first day is fantastic. I think the one thing I loved about university classes was the all-mighty syllabus – high school teachers need to start using those better. She’s probably already had those in her online courses though.

    Will she be using a laptop in class or taking notes the old fashioned way? If she’s taking notes by hand clipboards are her friend. It’s way easier to take notes on those and then transfer them into a binder or onto her computer. Highlighters if she’s the type to highlight things in books. Post-its to use as flags in books. If she’s going to use the laptop she may not need binders but some sort of file folder to put all her handouts in for each class. An agenda unless she prefers to have a google calendar type of set up. I knew some students who *needed* index cards but I didn’t find them necessary (except in language classes then they were an essential item).

    Is there any kind of on-campus organization for dual enrollment students?

  2. PS. I’m jealous. I wanna go back to school now.

  3. You don’t want to go back to school – think of the student loans, lol. 😉

    She’s got highlighters and notecards, though she hates notecards, post its are on her list to buy.

    She isn’t sure if she’s lugging the laptop or if she’s going to take notes by hand. I think she’s leaning on “by hand” for now.

    I’ve never thought of clipboards before. Hmmmm, I’ll ask her about that.

  4. For clipboards I was fond of the one that had…well a cover I guess? I’m not sure how else to describe it. Sort of like a medical one you see doctors with. Most university bookstores sell them here in Canada. Less ripped papers that way as you shoved it in your backpack and they also tended to have pockets in them to put handouts. I also tended to use a pad of paper vs looseleaf. I had one too many experiences of dropping the clipboard and having papers fly everywhere.

    If she’s taking notes by hand and things that she might tranfer them over to her computer something to hold the papers up would be useful.

    Good pens. If she’s taking notes by hand she’ll need good pens. Unless she’s not a picky pen person. I am.

  5. She use to be picky about pens, I’m not sure if she is anymore or not. She’s gotten out of practice. But I think we will grab some of our old favorites when we go out later in the week. I’ve been growly about the pen selection around here lately anyway.

  6. 16 and already in college. Wow….that’s impressive!

    I can’t wait to hear what she thinks about it.

  7. I identify with this so much because I was homeschooled from first grade through graduation, and started college at 17. I was a little nervous at first, especially because I was going to be younger than everyone else, but I ended up having a great time, making good grades and a lot of new friends. It’ll be different from what she’s used to, but I’m sure your daughter will make the transition just fine.

  8. Thanks for commenting, Becca! When Michelle gets home from work, I think she will really appreciate reading this.


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