Protopage – Homeschool Style

I mentioned Protopage in some of my first posts on this blog, when talking about choosing curriculum and creating lesson plans, but I never explained what Protopage is or how we use it.  Today is your lucky day because I’m going to fill you in.

Remember, Michelle is a high schooler and we both spend full days online in different rooms of the house.  We communicate more often via internet than we do face to face communication.  She’s a teenager and I’m just an annoying, but much loved, mom.  Online communication works well.  She can put her away up and growl quietly for awhile, then come back all fresh and nice again.  No yelling and no door slamming in this house.  How often can moms of teens say that?

So, Protopage, it works really really well.  It’s like a shared desktop.  We both have the log in for it and can add things or remove things as needed.  Look at this sample that I created (in about 3 minutes).  I only created a page one, whatever is on the other pages is just standard stuff – but you can create as many pages as you need to.  You can put as many widgets on a page as you like.  You can expand important ones or collapse others. 

Michelle’s browser homepage is her school Protopage so anytime she opens a browser, she immediately sees any notes I’ve left her or is reminded that she has work to do (unless she’s cleared the "to do list", which does actually happen!).   We can keep important family stuff there (but not personal stuff because this IS online and other people could find it – so no credit card numbers or things like that lol).  Links she uses regularly or should use regularly are all in that one page, no excuses about lost in her bookmarks or in my spurls/del.ici.ous accounts. 

There you go – my weekly lesson planner in action (There’s not much there because it’s summer for us .  And, because this isn’t her real page – I said that already didn’t I?).

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2 responses to “Protopage – Homeschool Style

  1. Ohhhhhh..what a neat idea!

  2. Hey, that Protopage things is cool! I am homeschooling my 2nd grader through Connections Academy in Oregon, and they do provide a detailed syllabus, but if that ever goes away (as many home school options are wont to do), this is a great replacement.

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