First Day of School

So, she’s gone. Sniff, sniff.

She was incredibly nervous last night, frightened even. I was a little concerned because of just how nervous she was. This morning, still nervous but better. Except she forgot her pencil sharpener! Oh no! Heh. It was amusing and silly and just the kind of thing to break the nervousness, I think.

UPDATE! She survived. I also survived. She has also acquired some of TW and Prince J’s little life problems – she went to school with a sticker attached to her jeans. Both TW and Prince J have been known to do this if I do not examine them closely before they walk out the door for school or work. I didn’t know Michelle had acquired this problem so I did not examine her closely.

She needed another book for algebra and had to deal with both the dual enrollment book office and the regular student bookstore – on the first day of classes – while I drove around the parking lot, unable to find a parking place. That was fun and sort of interesting too.

Her algebra teacher talks fast and it causes her to zone out. I have suggested the trusty iRiver to record the classes. She is also finding it amusing to be in his class because he wants to be called by his first name.

ENC 1101 “regular old English with a lot of writing” heh, no kidding eh?

Let’s hope Art goes well tonight.

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7 responses to “First Day of School

  1. She’ll do great. 🙂

  2. Give her a couple of days and she’ll be a pro at navigating those halls.

  3. I used to record some of my classes. I recommend it.

  4. Oh recording classes, great idea. It would probably help someone like me too that can’t stay focused for long periods of time unless it’s really interesting.

  5. Wow. Look at my granddaughter. She’s a beautiful, normal-looking college student. I’m very proud…the red and blue hair is GONE!

  6. I miss the weird hair. Sigh. It’s hard to pick her out of the crowd sometimes. 🙂

    I also worry that people will see this normal looking girl and then be shocked when she says something or does something weird. At least with the pink and green polka dotted hair, people knew they were in for something unusual.

  7. Going back into a classroom environment is a big thing for her. Maybe she doesn’t want to be labelled as the “weird girl” based on what she looks like. Maybe she doesn’t want to give people an instant way to pick at her or be judged by how she looks in this new environment.


    I think she looks fantastic with “weird” hair but I think that maybe I understand the “normal” hair right now.

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