You’re Searching For….

I love my stats.  I don’t really love knowing how many (or how few) people visit but I really like knowing where you’re coming from and how you arrived.  The how you arrived part is particularly interesting and particularly helpful.  Unfortunately, I don’t think you search folks always find visiting this blog gives you the answers to the questions you are asking.

First – fast times or fast time.  A lot of people, particularly in the UK, come here in search of fast times.  Some of you even come in search of fast time highschool.  I don’t know what that means in the UK.  I have no idea why you’re searching for that type of phrase but I’m pretty sure you aren’t finding the answers you seek.  If you are one of those people, could you leave a comment and tell me what you’re looking for – maybe I can help.

Second – worksheets for high schoolers.  I’m not a fan of worksheets.  I prefer good old reading and writing over worksheets, though I do introduce them at various points in Michelle’s studies.  I’ll toss a worksheet into the mix when she’s reading a book on one of the recommended high school reading lists if I can find a worksheet that works.  Or I’ll create a worksheet made up of vocabulary words from the book, extensions of the plot, questions from reading groups etc.  Worksheets for math, definitely but I’ve always used purchased workbooks for that.  Why are you looking for worksheets?  And when you’re searching, I’ve found it helps to be really particular about the type of worksheets you are looking for.  If it’s a social studies worksheet then search for that – or better yet, search for the particular area of study – constitution worksheets homeschool high school works better than the generic phrases you are using.

Third – Home Ec.  Do not discount federal programs for children and young adults or for low income people.  The best nutrition education products I used came from extension.  Call your Cooperative Extension Agency and ask them for ideas.

Fourth – Reading lists for high schoolers, this is the fun part!  The first thing I did was to do a search just like you’re doing and save all of the links in a folder for easy reference later.  I found a wide variety of suggestions – from high schools to libraries to teachers to writers.  From there I created a very long list of books made of books I loved, books my partner loved, books I think everyone should read, books that I know all high schoolers are asked to read.  Then I shared the list with friends and family, and Michelle of course, and we began to narrow it down, choosing as wide a variety as possible.  Here are some of the lists I use often: TeachersFirst’s Lifetime Reading List, ALA books for the college bound, Tamora Pierce – on homeschoolers, The Guardians 50 books you must read

Last but not least, "how do I homeschool a high schooler?"  Very carefully?  nah, it isn’t that hard.  Most highschoolers I know do a better job of homeschooling themselves than we give them credit for.  They know what they are interested in and they understand that education is important.  Give them the tools – good books, an internet connection, a wide range of subjects and a tutor, support group, purchased curriculum or online education program in areas where they need a lot of help or want more depth than you feel like you can give them. 

Happy Searching!

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2 responses to “You’re Searching For….

  1. Okay, I’m curious. What’s Tamora Peirce’s connection to homeschoolers? I couldn’t find anything but that reading list on her site to indicate why.

  2. Honestly? I have no idea! I’ve never understood it. She has no children of her own. She was not homeschooled as a child.

    I can’t decide if she likes the idea of homeschooling or if she’s simply smart enough to know that homeschoolers are often alternative readers or eclectic readers or imaginative readers and by creating a list she can lure them into her works.

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