Choosing a Major and a Life

On Monday, I posted my results for this meme. Michelle took it yesterday and sent me her results:

Your Learning Style: Unconventional and Insightful
You are very intuitive and ingenious. You’re attracted to any field of study that lets you break the rules.
You Should Study:
Art history
Comparative religions
Eastern religion

My response to her was "Well there you go, you have your answer!"  This made her laugh.  Seriously though, it’s a good starting place for her.  I encouraged her to go to the Bank of America major resource kits page (from the University of Delaware) and click into each of the topic areas and see what careers are associated with those study areas.  There are some interesting things in there and it’s given her some stuff to think about.

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6 responses to “Choosing a Major and a Life

  1. Interesting link. Although neither one of my majors says I can be a tech writer. Supposedly I should have been an English major. How shocking. 😉

  2. Interesting. I took it and came out the same as Michelle!

  3. Director of RE was the right choice for you then, wasn’t it?

  4. and maybe for Michelle…time will tell!

  5. I don’t think so, for Michelle. At least not as a first career. But who knows, she may develop some of the qualities and characteristics of a religious studies major.

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