Unrealistic Career Plans

I saw this article on Mombian yesterday and it made me laugh. Unrealistic career plans, oh yea!

Some of my children have had dreams of stardom, just like yours probably have (or maybe still do). It’s a pretty common thing to find an 8 year old who wants to grow up to be a movie star or a 13 year old who is sure his band is going to be discovered any. day. now. I have always had difficulty listening to my children ramble about their future stardom. They simply don’t have that talent. Yes, they all play music. Some of them do sing, a little. But no, none of them appear to be the next big talent.

When they were really little I could smile and nod my head and encourage them to dream a little and imagine a little. As they got older, it was much harder to keep from smirking or even roll my eyes. I’m glad they enjoy music. I’m glad some of them are happily playing in pick up bands and writing their own music in the rooms late at night. I loved that Michelle made me a CD for Mother’s Day with 3 songs she performed. I’m even more glad that the big ones have mostly put their dreams of stardom behind them and can just enjoy the music.

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3 responses to “Unrealistic Career Plans

  1. I need that picture. Can you send it to me?

  2. For future reference, run your mouse over it and click. That will give it to you full size so you can save it yourself. But yes, I’m sending it now.

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