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There’s been something bugging me about Michelle’s education and it’s almost too embarrassing to talk about. But in an attempt to blog naked, which I so rarely do, I’m going to spill it.

My daughter who lives on her laptop, who can type 55 wpm (if not more), who is a pretty decent graphic designer and web page builder is really not very computer savvy and her “search skills” leave much to be desired.

There, I said it. I hate it, but it’s true. The only positive spin I can turn is at least she is more computer savvy than her oldest sister and more search savvy than a lot of adults I know.

I have made some attempts at correcting this problem, over the last six months, but not nearly enough progress has been made. I’m thinking that a solid 3 day class with mom, or both moms, might be in order over the winter break. Tag team mom teaching, I think that’s the answer. The question is, will Michelle stand for it? Heh.

Along those lines, I’ve acquired a new link which is more interesting than I first thought: A Students Guide to WWW Research. I think this might be a good tool for older kids (and some adults) who find themselves searching for web for research purposes.

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7 responses to “Web Research

  1. That search guide is excellent! Thank you for pointing to it, I think I’ll look it over. My search skills were developed because I needed to find out more about my health condition. It’s not well-known, but there are still pages of information where I need to distinguish facts, inferences and opinions.

    A crash course is not a bad idea; I like it!

  2. OH good, Nickie! I’m glad you found it helpful.

  3. Thanks Katie, I don’t think I have this one.

  4. Denise,

    As usual you are always right…LOL. This very topic just came up yesterday with Dancergirl as she starts researching for a big history/english project. I was amazed that she hadn’t started with what I consider to be the most fundamental searches!

    You may have written about this before but my brain is a bit mushy…do you or Jen incorporate wikis into your learning/research structure? If so, I’d love to hear some tips for how to LEARN to use them effectively.


  5. Jen? I think you mean Michelle, Jenn is the grown up child. 😉

    I had high hopes of using a Wiki last year in place of a research “paper” but we never got to that point.

    I probably have some links I can post regarding wikis in education and research. Remind me about this in a few weeks when my life settles down, ok?

  6. Oops, yes I meant Michelle. Oy, a sign of old age is forgetting which kids are which. 🙂

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