When we pulled Michelle out of public school and began to homeschool, she was fixated on grades. She was sure she needed grades in order to know how she was doing. She was sure I needed to grade her to know how she was doing. She was sure the school board would need to see her grades in order to prove she was “learning”. Bah! Grades!

It was difficult to break her of this grade dependence. It was really difficult because we did use FLVS for several of her classes and those teachers were all about the grades. I talked to the SAT Prep teacher last night and he wanted to tell me how many points she needed in order to finish with an A. Ummm it isn’t about the grades, dude! It’s about getting an idea of what the SAT will be like and getting an idea about where her weak points are (math is hard!). I finally just let him tell me she needs 420 more points in order to get an A – which means she doesn’t need to finish all of the assignments. Ummm dude, I want her to finish the assignments because I want her to have a lot of experience with the types of questions and get more experience with the testing method. But. Whatever. I’m the boss, he isn’t. That’s what’s great about homeschooling.

On the other hand, now she’s taking college classes and it IS about the grades. All of those Gordon Rule classes. (Not that she’s going to have trouble getting a C in any of those classes.) The point is, she’s back to thinking about grades and I’m having trouble with that. I just got the kid to ease up with the worrying about grades and then I threw her back to the grade-hounds again.


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One response to “Grades

  1. I agree with you completly. I have pulled my daughter out of the public school system as well and it is hard to make them understand its not the point systems that matter its the quality of the knowledge you gain. Keep in mind our children are taught from an early age that a grading scale measures inteligence. Not accurate but it has been drilled in our childrens heads since preschool.Unfortuntally colleges are no better.So in order for our children to excel they must play the game and we must tolerate it as well. Just keep inforcing you view points and your daughter will be fine. Good luck and I wish you all the best.

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