The First Blue Book Exam

When Michelle got her American History syllabus there was a nice notation to purchase "3 Blue Books".  I didn’t think anything of it, except that it was odd that this was the only class that required them.  I didn’t stop to think that Michelle would probably not have a clue as to what these were.

She needed her first Blue Book for an exam today.  She bought her Blue Books yesterday. She got in the car, put on her seatbelt, opened the package and flipped through a book.  Wide rule notebook paper.  8 sheets.  I’m not sure what she was expecting, but that wasn’t it. Heh.  For $2 (for 3 books) what did she expect? No, seriously, what did she expect?  I think she expected FCAT type fill in the bubble sheets or something.  Even though the syllabus clearly stated essay tests would be given.

So, she had her first exam today and I’m anxiously awaiting the verdict.  I also wish I’d provided her with this link to How to Write an In-Class Essay (for the Blue Book).  I think she’d have been less stressed this morning if she’d read this and we had discussed it.

Are your homeschooled teens ready for the Blue Book exams?

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One response to “The First Blue Book Exam

  1. No! Oh – mine aren’t even 10 yet. Whew…

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