Michelle and Music on Monday

Since there are no more Fast Times videos to share, I’m adding a new "multi-media" event to our week because I’m all about mult-media.  OK I’m not but I should be.  I thought about Adventures in Babysitting videos on Youtube, the whole Shue connection thing but nah, that’s silly.  Michelle is no babysitter and this blog is really about Michelle.

Since the blog is about Michelle, the obvious choices would be art or music.  I’m going with music.  On Mondays.  I am all about alliteration. Every Monday I’ll wake you up with some bit of music either performed by Michelle, loved by Michelle, hated by Michelle or that just reminds me of Michelle.  How’s that?

To get us started, we have Breakfast at Tiffany’s performed by Michelle.  This one will make me weepy if I let it because Michelle surprised me by performing it in front of the congregation at church during the Coming of Age ceremony a couple of years ago.

Go ahead and Download  it.

.  Happy Monday.


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