A&E: The Idea Book

The Idea Book from A&E arrived a couple of weeks ago and I finally sat down and flipped through it. There are some good things available on A&E Classroom (which I obviously don’t have). But that doesn’t mean The Idea Book isn’t useful, it certainly is.

Let’s take Egypt: Engineering an Empire (You can buy the DVD from A&E if you like). There’s a brief little overview about the subject. There are vocabulary words. There are discussion questions which would work for any study of Egypt, not just applicable to the program (What role do you think the Nile River played in Egypt’s prosperity?”. There are extended activities (Egyptian obelisks stood as some of the most significant monuments adorned with symbols rich in meaning. Desian an obelisk of your own etc….) See, perfectly good ideas to borrow for your own unit on Egypt.

The fall Idea Book contains ideas for: study of JK Rowling, Meth: A Country in Crisis, The Untold Story of the Mayflower, Climbinb Mt Everest.

If you don’t already get the Idea Book, you should go and get it and don’t overlook the teacher’s resources on the website. They do have some videos available online, along with the lesson plans that go with them.

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One response to “A&E: The Idea Book

  1. My high school won one (actually maybe more than one) award for some A&E thing they did a few years after I graduated. I think it had something to do with Jane Eyre maybe?

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