Gilmore Girls – Michelle Speaks

On my Daily Dose of Denise blog I posted my thoughts about the GGs premier.  In a nutshell – Sad, because Michelle had to work and couldn’t watch it with us.  Happy, because I loved all of the supporting cast last night, except Babette who is boring me.  Happy, because Logan threw cold water on Rory’s plan to fly to London NOW.  Satisfied, because Lorelai did what she needed to do with her relationship with Luke.  Satisfied, because Luke deserved the treatment he got from Lorelai.  Disgusted, because the previews indicate we’re going to see a lot of Christopher.  I hate Christopher.

Now, what does Michelle think?  She’s a little nonplussed by the entire thing.  Maybe a wee bit of a let-down because she wasn’t able to watch it with her moms, which is of course the best way to watch GGs.  She loved the supporting characters – particularly Kirk and the T-bird and Paris and the SAT prep (imagining Paris prepping MIchelle for SAT is frightening.) She was sad Lane isn’t back from her honeymoon with pfTL.  She isn’t thrilled by either Lorelai or Rory at the moment, though she did think the rocket gift was nice. 

Overall – huge lack of enthusiasm about this episode.  Sad, since she’s been talking about it for weeks now.  Maybe next week she’ll be home and will have more fun with it?  And of course, there’s One Tree Hill to look forward to tonight.  (I don’t watch that, but she and her sister always hash it out on the phone every week.  Sisters are fun.)

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3 responses to “Gilmore Girls – Michelle Speaks

  1. Funny, I really enjoyed last night’s episode. It even had “him” wanting to know what happening to whom.

  2. Really?
    Sisters are fun?

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