Michelle and Music Monday

Another good reason to keep kids at home rather than send them off for socialization in school…if you send them away, other people tell them stuff that inconveniences your life. Other people tell them things like “The Horrorpops are coming to Gainesville on Wednesday!!!!” Other people stink. Going to a punker show on a Wednesday night when you’re dealing with exhaustion and a bit of burn out, not to mention a bum ankle…. you can imagine how bad that is.


But I went. Because Michelle loves The Horrorpops and because she forked out the dough for my ticket. (And her brother’s ticked and the half child’s ticket). I didn’t hang out in the pit and embarrass her. I sat in the corner by the bathrooms and people-watched. And when the show started, I stood way in the back for as long as my ankle could take it.

The Horrorpops. I’ve seen The Horrorpops in person. I think I need a tshirt. And a bandana. And a go-go dancer, errrr, they don’t sell those at the merch tables do they?

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One response to “Michelle and Music Monday

  1. I’ve never heard of them until you mentioned them. I love that you have such a varied taste in music.

    Yep you need a tee shirt and a go-go dancer;-)

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