Michelle and Music Monday

Michelle was born after Jem and the Holograms was off the air but she grew up loving them just the same.  She had a big sister who owned the Jem and Eric dolls and the videos and her sister grudgingly shared them with her.  Now, Michelle might be a bigger Jem fan than Jenn ever was.

This fantastic bit of editing incorporates two of Michelle’s favorites – Jem and Le Tigre’s Deceptacon!

In those early homeschool days, when Michelle sat at the desk behind me and blasted her favorite music while I tried to work, Le Tigre was often the band of choice and Deceptacon was heard over and over and OVER again. 


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4 responses to “Michelle and Music Monday

  1. hahaha. Kit-Cat loves Jem. She has the first (and possible more) season on DVD.

    I remember I had one of the Jem dolls…

  2. Everyone loves Jem. 😉

  3. YEAH! Jem is excitement…Jem is adventure. 😉
    Now what ever happened to Barbie and the Rockers?

  4. Barbie and the Rockers were lame, heh. But, you can find them on youtube. 🙂

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