Art and Essays

On the agenda today is a field trip to the Harn Museum.  Michelle has to write an essay comparing and contrasting two paintings.
I think the last time we were there was for the Ansel Adams collection sometime last year.  We should really go more often, it’s a nice little museum. 

They have some downloadable curriculum files available here.  Which is a good reminder not to overlook your own museums when creating lesson plans. I just flipped through my bookmarks and found San Diego Museum of Art and the Getty educators pages (we used the Getty twice the first year we homeschooled.  Good stuff there.) And of course there’s always the Smithsonian ready and waiting for you to download lesson plans.

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3 responses to “Art and Essays

  1. sounds like fun….this is sort of related – a friend at work was telling me his sister (who homeschools her kids) makes entering something in the fair a, huh?

  2. Yes it is. When my kids used to enter stuff in the fair, there were a lot of homeschoolers doing it. So many that the fair folks always assumed everyone was a homeschooler (or a 4-her but that’s another topic altogether).

  3. I always wanted to do 4H but no farm animals in the city limits 😉

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