Michelle and Music Monday

We’re taking a tiny detour today from what I had planned to post.  I was going to post Michelle’s current Melissa Ferrick song – because we just discovered Melissa is finally coming back to Gainesville (yea! she hasn’t been here since my birthday party in 2003). 

While I was looking for a decent video clip of Melissa singing Michelle’s favorite, I found a piece of improv.  Melissa does great improv.  And this little clip, this is excellent Melissa.  A reminder about Matthew Shepard.  (She starts off improvising "Moses", which is a Patty Griffin song but can be found on a couple of Melissa’s cds – I like Melissa’s versions, but I like Griffin’s better.)

Anyway, because I’m posting a lot of GLBT history stuff this month….watch, listen, and think… and then talk about HATE with your teens.

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5 responses to “Michelle and Music Monday

  1. I love this site! I am glad you are helping folks rememebr Matthew!

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