Blogger SAT Challenge

This is what I get for not reading interesting feeds in a timely matter, and simply saving them to read “later”. Later never comes – or comes too late, which is probably why they call it “later” and not something else witty that I can’t come up with at the moment. What happened you ask? Well….

I missed the Blogger SAT Challenge, that’s what happened. I saw Arbitrary Marks had joined and she doesn’t give full feeds, so I marked her post to come back and read and poof, too late. October 2nd til October 17, sheesh can you tell I’m way behind? I wonder what else I’ve missed.

Anyway, even though I missed it (did you miss it too?) we can still surf the entries and ponder wonderful SAT essays and not so wonderful SAT essays. All helpful stuff when prepping for the SATs (or thinking about writing interesting blog posts). Maybe we should hold our own SAT challenge. Nah, that would be too much work and I am far enough behind as it is.

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3 responses to “Blogger SAT Challenge

  1. I read and graded a few of the entries a week and a half or so ago — it’s a good thing I’m not a grader, because I dinged for spelling and grammar, which is not something the ‘offical graders’ seemed to ding for. It was an interesting exercise. Sticks took the SAT last Saturday. He finished all but the last two words of his essay.

  2. Denise, thanks for the link. Yeah, I don’t give full feeds, which I know some people would rather have. I’m part of the Daily Scribe and so I try to just have short feeds to not clutter up the front page. (Plus, I worked hard on my site design!:) Hopefully you’ll still stop by!

  3. I really do read your blog when I have the time, I’m just seriously BEHIND. 🙂

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