Fun Lessons Friday

How about taking the TreeHugger 100-Mile Thanksgiving Challenge? If you don’t want to actually eat foods that are found within 100 miles for Thanksgiving then just make the menu. That could lead to a good discussion about food production, processing and shipping. Most kids don’t have a clue as to where their foods are grown, processed and manufactured. And they should, shouldn’t they?

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3 responses to “Fun Lessons Friday

  1. LOVE THIS! I hve a 15 year old son who took to it right away. The rest of the crew just stared at me blankly like I had finally lost that last thread of my mind.
    But from now till Thanksgiving we are researching and discussing this every week!
    Its also giving great fodder for my blog!

  2. I should mention-Ive done an interview with Mike from Treehugger for an article Im working on about todays top blogs and bloggers. Ill post its link when its published. He is a fascinating guy!

  3. Excellent! I’m sure some of my kids would think I’d lost my mind too – but a couple of them would really get into it. I think I’ll mention it to my 20 year old today and see what he thinks. (He’s my treehugger)

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