The Trouble With Art

Michelle was moving along smoothly, enjoying her Fundamentals of Art class, when bam – she hit a roadblock, or two. First, she wasn’t enjoying the indigo ink assignments. Too bad, because I think indigo ink is cool. The assignments weren’t fun and they weren’t very interesting (to me or to her). At the same time, she was suffering through off topic discussions in class that were troubling to her. She didn’t go into a lot of details but it seems to have been a week heavy on the “gator mania” and more specifically “gator football mania” that this town is so prone to. Michelle is not big on “gator mania” and even less interested in “gator football mania”. She was grouchy and annoyed and ready to never take another art class AGAIN. Heh.


They’ve moved on now. No more indigo ink and a lot less gator mania, it seems. Last night’s discussions were about the similarities between “Star Wars” movies and “Disney” movies, which led to discussions about “Disney’s utopian themes”. Much more Michelle’s style. Her self-portrait looks fabulous but it isn’t finished so she won’t let me photograph it. Instead, you have the pleasure of meeting Kristy. Kristy is a friend of Michelle’s and this drawing looks EXACTLY like Kristy (click to enlarge). Michelle did a good job with this and I’m anxious to share her self portrait with you. I hope she finishes it soon….

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One response to “The Trouble With Art

  1. nice job on Kristy’s picture….I’ve never tried a self portrait, hope she let’s you take a picture so we can see…tell her “gator mania” could be worse…she could live here 😉

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