The Potential Math Major

Homework – the “reverse” FOIL. I’m so glad I don’t have to do algebra, particularly “reverse” FOIL stuff.



One response to “The Potential Math Major

  1. I never did do the FOIL method. Guess and check and doing it in my head was far faster. I was shown the foil method and then along with the rest of my class dismissed it. I have no clue how to use the FOIL method.

    I loved that math class. So did the math teacher – he was still talking about us 5 years later. We would have him tell us what we were going to do, show us examples and then told him to sit down, shut up and leave us to our work. 😉 Of course they only kept us as a group for one year and then split us. The next year I had him he begged me to bring a novel to class and read because I was so obviously bored that I was boring him.

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