Again With the “S” Word!

TW and I were at the Fall Art Festival, minding our own business, wandering in and out of the booths when suddenly we heard it.  A woman said "Oh I hope she doesn’t decide to homeschool her." 

My ears perked up, I turned around and looked.

The woman she was speakng to said "Oh I agree! That’s one child who could use some socialization."

I growled, maybe even out loud.  I glared.  TW said "They need some fast times."  Heh.

What in the heck is wrong with people?  Why do they assume that homeschool kids aren’t socializing with other kids?  Why do they assume the only place a child can get some socialization is in school?  When did we even start worrying about socializing children? 

If there’s a woman in Gainesville, Florida thinking about homeschooling her daughter I sure hope she isn’t listening to these two busy bodies who obviously know nothing about homeschooling.  Socialization, sheesh.  I think that is the last thing I would take into consideration when making the decision to homeschool.

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5 responses to “Again With the “S” Word!

  1. People can be so ignorant sometimes. I have taught all four of my children at home. If they relate to their parents, they can relate and socialize with anyone. They learn from us. Our children have a tendancy to relate even to other children in a very mature way. Others may never approve, but from my experience,they eventually learn to respect homeschooling education after they see the results of our children’s lives. My family wanted to send me to court, now they see the success of our children and retract their comments. My one daughter was the youngest in her nursing school to graduate and has been in emergency care for 10 years. How’s that for socialization? My son ended up on the Presidents list in business and in a medical field. I guess it just takes time for people to see results before they ever change their opinions. Even then, most of the time their opinion just mimics their own fear and inability to even attempt such an undertaking as homeschooling. You deserve praise for taking the best step for your children. No one can teach them better than you. They will be your testimony of hard work and socializing through their home environment experience.

  2. Hi I feel the same way we can interact with people in all kinds of ways. The important part is the childrens education. Right now I have made the choice to homeschool my tween this is the best option I have for her.

  3. Ah, the old ‘socialization’ canard rears it’s ugly head. It’s the only thing the teachers unions have left. Even in that they have been proven wrong – study after study after study shows that homeschooled children are better off socially when compared to their publicly schooled peers.

    Cynthia hit the nail on the head. Only someone who is profoundly ignorant would even consider bringing up the socialization objection to homeschooling these days.

  4. My question is, who do I want them to act like? There is a reason call certain mean spirited behavior as “grade school.” I do not see the same problems getting along with kids who are fortunate enough to be home schooled. Plus, one of the “best” local school here doesn’t give the kids much time to talk (or play).They sit in the cafeteria till school starts, and are expected to study, not talk. There are almost no recesses left, so no socialization there, and then they are shuttled off to after school activities in neighborhoods 30 minutes away, and only get to talk to kids in their organized classes as time permits. Sad really. Everyone tells me how great my kids are to be around, and then worry that they are not being socialized! Pick something people!

  5. Did your teacher ever tell you, “Stop talking, you’re here to learn not socialize.” Now the NEA, etc. uses the “socialization” argument to oppose homeschooling. Ummm??????

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