Michelle and Music Monday

The only thing Michelle wants for Christmas is an Alto Sax.  This makes me grouchy.  She had an Alto Sax and I sold it back to the middle school band program when we left SC.  I did that because she swore she never wanted to touch the saxophone again.  I should have known she’d change her mind.  Now to find the money to pay for it and the earplugs to survive the playing.  Gone are the days when I could send her outside to serenade the neighborhood, I think.

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4 responses to “Michelle and Music Monday

  1. Now Denise-here is where I get to sing the praises of the public school system. Caitlyn and her screechy violin remained safely within the confines of the school building (she rarely brought it home to practice)and the music teachers ears, not mine,were bloody.
    Tee Hee!! Just kiddin’ Tell Michelle that the saxophone store is all out and she’ll have to pick something else. It worked when they were 5, so why not now??

  2. LOL, it won’t work now because of the internet. The internet is NEVER out of something like saxophones! Darn it.

  3. Denise,
    Try it…I send my son out to serenade the neighborhood with the tuba, um, excuse me, the euphonium more than half the time, even though he can actually play it now. And he will now be joined by his sister on the tortured clarinet. Maybe this is why three people have called here asking if our house is for sale…wishful thinking.
    Oh well. Where in SC, BTW, in case this is some sort of 6 degrees thing 🙂

  4. Michelle used to practice the sax outside when we lived in both NJ and SC (Anderson). We now live in Florida. The reason I say those outdoor practice days are over is because, at 16 (almost 17), she’s all about her bedroom. Somehow practicing outside just doesn’t seem a great idea to her. (though I could be wrong, she does take her guitar outside, we shall see. lol)

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