A Letter to Family & Friends

I know, you are tired of thinking about socialization. Me too. But my griping on Saturday reminded me that I had saved a post about this and I made some time today to track it down and share it with you.

Life Without School: A Letter to Family & Friends: Socialization

It’s an interesting “letter”, don’t you think? I can only imagine the look on a family member’s face if he/she received it – and managed to read it all. Heh. I considered writing such a letter to Michelle’s dad when he kept on and on about ‘socialization’ but it would have been a waste of my time and energy. I learned to ignore it and he learned to quit mentioning it because I would only ignore it. How do you deal with the socialization topic?

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3 responses to “A Letter to Family & Friends

  1. As soon as someone even starts that s**t I immediately smile and calmly say, “We are in a homeschool co-op.” They have no argument for that, and usually move onto something else irritating.

  2. Usually I laugh about it and tell them that the larger problem is finding time to do the seatwork.

    I also give them one piece of info – Ray Bradbury in Farhenheit 451 (publ. 1953) trashes the idea of socialization happening in public schools. And ask them one question – How often in your adult life are you in a group of 30 people who are all within 12 months of each others’ ages and from the same socio-economic class?

    Most people have trouble disagreeing with a respected main-stream writer from 50 years ago or agreeing that they do not interact with such a limited group. (though one reporter tried to)

  3. That is a great letter. I will have to save that link. Thanks.

    The way that I have taken to dealing with the ‘socialization’ question is by asking, ‘What do YOU think socialization is?’ The person being asked usually stops and thinks about it. They then give a list of what they think socialization is. I then point out to them that the girlies get all of that and more.

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