A Twist in the Story of Anne Frank

Now, when your child reads about Anne Frank it will be interesting to add this little twist to the discussion – that tree, that chestnut tree, that inspired Frank during the two years in hiding is going to be cut down.   What will your children say about this?  Your teens have probably already read Anne Frank’s Diary, what do they think about this news?  About the idea of a sapling from the tree being planted in its place?  Metaphor for life?  Or does it get a "no big deal" response?

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3 responses to “A Twist in the Story of Anne Frank

  1. I’ll tell you what *I* think about it: it’s about darn time is what I think. Ever had a chestnut tree in your yard? I did. For exactly one year before I had it cut down. Remember tribbles on Star Trek? Well this chestnut drops hundreds of those sticky things in late summer, then it drops about a million leaves. But wait, it’s not done yet. Next come the seed pods, long stringy things that attach themselves to every available surface and stain the heck out of it. They drop those in the spring. As our neighbor says, “It’s always dropping something.” But no more. We dropped it last month. The only things we’re sad about is that we waited until after it dropped its tribbles!

  2. (shrug)
    I see a huge difference between any ordinary tree and one that inspired Anne Frank.

    I absolutely fell in love with Anne Frank’s diary when I was a child and I’m hugely sentimental, so I HATE it that the tree is being taken down. I understand that if it has rotted, it’s dangerous, but still, the idea of it bothers me.

    I do like the symbolism of replanting a seedling from the same tree. I wish we could replant those seedlings all over the world. The Oklahoma City Bombing memorial has a tree of hope. A seedling from Anne Frank’s tree should be planted there as well as one in NYC. I’m American, so those are the places that spring to mind, but I think it would be great if seedlings from that tree could be planted at various places where hatred has caused despair.

  3. How sad! I agree that it seems it is time to cut the tree down, and they are not taking it lightly. I was worried I would read it and it would say that they were going to build there or something else trivial. I think the idea of the sapling, and the symbol of renewed life, will be good. Every once and a while we need a reminder of the importance of certain symbols in our life and why they are important. Maybe this discussion will renew people’s interest in the time period and how to prevent such future horrors.

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