Texting as an educational tool?

When I saw the article in USA Today or on the AP or wherever I first saw it, I cringed. I’m the one who often rants about kids who use text speak when it just isn’t necessary. But each time I saw another blog mention the article, it felt a little less cringe-worthy.

What’s the big deal, really? Text speak is just a type of shorthand. If a kid can get the point across then does it really matter if he is using text speak? Or if her handwriting is horrid? Or his spelling is the pits? It doesn’t. It’s about whether the child knows the answer to the question, isn’t? I can’t see text speak allowed on all parts of all tests but in some areas, why not? It’s not easy to text speak, there’s an art to it. An art that a lot of old folks don’t understand – which is probably why so many of us cringe at the idea in the first place. Kids are speaking a language that we simply don’t get. And that scares us.

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One response to “Texting as an educational tool?

  1. I’ll admit it bugs me. Mainly because when the kids I know are in a situation where they need to spell – say job applications, essays, etc – they can’t.

    But maybe it has something to do with what I do for a living. And the fact that I feel that I wasn’t really taught grammar in school. I think I learned more about grammar from taking French and Italian courses than I ever did in English class.

    But it bugs me. And I freely admit it.

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