A Lesson Learned….

Sometimes I feel like I’m the only homeschool blogger whose daughter actually GOES to school. I was so happy to read about Eric this morning. Oh so happy. And oh so amused.

If my 20 year old son had not already taken the CPT, I’d have probably been a lot more like Cindy. As it was, I knew there was no way Michelle would have trouble with the CPT but I was worried about her actually taking a test since she didn’t really take tests when she was homeschooled.

I was also like Cindy because I encouraged Michelle to study the study guide. She looked it over. I just shook my head and thought to myself that she would learn a lesson about just looking over the study guide. She didn’t learn any lesson at all – because she’s behaving in a very similar fashion regarding the upcoming SATs. She’s looked over the practice tests. She’s looked over the study guides. Oops, that’s a blog for another day….

Anyway, back to Eric – and to Cindy – it’s an interesting post about an unschooled teenager dealing with the community college environment. The learning and the grading. Michelle has had some similar experiences in this first semester – though for her it’s been more of a bounce back and forth situation. She spent most of her life dealing with grades and then I spent three years telling her that grades didn’t matter, and now she’s back to dealing with grades and dealing with individual professors and their ideas about grades.

I can’t wait for Cindy’s next post about their dual enrollment experience.

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2 responses to “A Lesson Learned….

  1. I really enjoyed reading about Eric…and the various professor types. lol (Cause as you know, I’ve dealt with a lot of professors across just about every discipline.)

  2. About the SAT/study guide…

    I’m mixed. It’s a well-known fact that the SAT is easily enough gamed simply by taking the endorsed prep courses. And I’m shameless enough to want my kid to be one of the gamers and so was willing to pony up the money for the College Board Official SAT prep course.

    Sticks had other ideas, which did not include putting a lot of time into such a thing, so I didn’t, he took it and scored respectably (1760 overall).

    That score won’t get him into Harvard or USC and it would be on the borderline for UCLA. But it is a perfectly fine score for his schools of choice, and as he points out, the scores fairly represent what he knows about the subjects and the test format through his formal education as opposed to what he might know as a result of an SAT crash course.

    I’ve learned to trust his instincts on this stuff, and perhaps Michelle’s “looking over” of the study guide is that same instinctive sense that they will be fine for whatever their goals may be, articulated or not.


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