The Mother’s Almanac

It’s funny, I can go years without even thinking about The Mother’s Almanac and then all of a sudden I’m thumbing through it for an old favorite recipe and thumbing through it some more because it has the power to reel me in, remind me of things I’ve almost forgotten and teach me things I never knew.  It’s a powerful book.

It’s also a book I steadfastly refused to buy for the first five years that I was a mother.  I thought it was dumb.  I thought it had nothing of interest to me.  I thought it was old-fashioned.  I was an idiot.  It is dumb in places.  There are areas that really aren’t interesting to me.  It can be old-fashioned.  But it is probably the best parenting book I ever read, ever owned or ever gave as a gift to another mom.  It’s the one parenting book I held onto when I let all of the others go.   

I should have reached for it when I started homeschooling Michelle.  I’ve seen a dozen ideas, just in the 10 minutes I spent flipping through tit this morning, that would make excellent homeschool lessons.  Silly me, just because the kid is 16 that doesn’t make The Mother’s Almanac obsolete!

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