Back when I was a kid….

Back in the stone ages, when I was a kid, we went to the library and used index cards for researching term papers.  We used typewriters (though I knew a few teachers who accepted term papers written by hand from some students.)  Things were a lot different than they are today – sometimes.

I blogged recently that I really didn’t have a huge problem with kids in New Zealand (is that where it was?) being able to use text speak on their national test.  Times, they have changed.   And at Blogher, I was in the edublogging birds of a feather group and one woman brought up the fact that children today (and tomorrow) simply are not going to learn in the same way that we did.  They aren’t reading, the way we did.  They aren’t using the same tools we did.  They aren’t exposed to the same things we were exposed to.  So there is no way that they can LEARN in the same way that we did – so teaching must change.  Educational tools have to change and grow.   Did you see this article, Teaching TS Eliot in an IM World?

I think that just because we’re homeschooling, that doesn’t mean that we should ignore all of the high tech tools in favor of doing things the old fashioned way.  I think we ought to be on the cutting edge of education, we ought to be leading the way in this area.  We ought to explore every single avenue for learning with our kids and use every single tool available – and that means Gamecubes and iPods and cellphones and Blackberries and who knows what else is out there.  Try it all!  Expose our kids to every bit of it and let them show US how they can use those tools to learn TS Eliot – I guarantee you the kids will know what to do if we just let them do it.

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