Puzzling Behavior

Because the small children are leaving for their six month sabbatical in England on Christmas day, Santa Claus graciously agreed to visit our home everyday for 12 days. This gives the children time to enjoy gifts rather than doing the mad rush of opening dozens of gifts only to leave them behind 2 hours later. Yesterday was apparently puzzle day because all five children received puzzles.

Michelle really likes puzzles (so does E – they’re both “youngest children”, do all youngest children enjoy puzzles? The other four kids don’t really like them in the same way Michelle and E like them.)

Michelle and E both get puzzles every year for Christmas. A few years ago Michelle and TW enjoyed putting together a Dali puzzle. Then they attempted a Monet that never quite came together (the cats destroyed some pieces before they could finish). Last year there was some mystery game thing – you put the puzzle together to find clues and solve the mystery, the mystery as of today still remains unsolved. We’re doing better with this year’s puzzles.

Michelle got a painted wooden tangram type puzzle. RJ got a rainbow penguin puzzle that was put together completely yesterday. E and Michelle (and now RJ has joined in) are putting together the mouse and cat puzzle that E got. I’m sure J’s dragon puzzle will be together before the weekend.

Puzzles are fun – and educational – and having the entire family working on a project is the best part.

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