Celebrating Sagan

I’m joining the Celebrating Sagan Blogathon.  You can join too, even if you don’t have your own blog, just click here.

It’s hard to believe Carl Sagan has been gone for 10 years.  It seems like just yesterday he was on PBS and that "billions and billions" voice was echoing behind me while I changed a diaper (Jenn was born in 1983).    Cosmos really was on all of the time when Jenn was tiny.  We moved to the Philippines when she was 4 and television was incredibly limited.  A couple of years into our tour, I rented a BETA video of Cosmos, and stuck it into the player and Jenn said "Hey! I remember this show!"  I wonder if she still remembers.

Tonight, we’re going to play Stargo and talk about Sagan and Astronomy and life somewhere out there. 

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One response to “Celebrating Sagan

  1. It IS hard to believe he’s been gone so long. What an impact he had. I, too, can still hear his voice. His approach to teaching was incredible and I wish more teachers knew how to share their enthusiasm half so well, no matter what they’re teaching.

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