Just starting out

A friend of mine sent me an AIM last week telling me she was going to take her daughter out of school and asked for some help.  Oh wow, what fun!  It was so easy to lose myself in researching ideas and links for her to start with.  Before I knew it, an hour had passed and I hadn’t gotten any work done and I hadn’t done at all!  That whole just starting out with homeschool thing is FUN.  I’d almost forgotten what fun it is.

There are so many possibilities. 

The possiblities are endless.  Which is good and bad.  The possiblities can make it hard to choose and can make it seem daunting.  The possibilities can also allow everyone in your family to learn things they never dreamed of learning. 

I love that just starting out feeling, even when it isn’t my own child who is just starting out. Everything is possible.

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2 responses to “Just starting out

  1. Couldn’t think of a better person to AIM and ask, now that I’ve made the decision, what do I do next? Thanks for helping me and thanks for being absolutely amazing.

  2. Paperwork as directed in that NH homeschool link I sent you first. And keep her home, put her to work on that list of stuff I suggested and start that blog.

    I’m sending you a package tomorrow. 🙂

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