It wasn’t actually a ballet

Ever since we started homeschooling Michelle, we’ve attended some sort of theatrical Shakespeare event.  In September I went looking through the local event calendars to see what our Shakespearean options would be for her Junior year.

Romeo & Juliet ballet looked like our only option.  I put it on the calendar and I mentioned it in my comments in November.  I really thought it was the ballet!

We headed for the Phillips Center on Sunday night. Took our seats.  Opened our programs.  Err apparently it wasn’t a ballet after all!  I must have gotten my events mixed up.  Or maybe I looked at the graphic for one event and assumed it was attached to Romeo & Juliet?  I don’t know, I just know it wasn’t a ballet.

The audience chose the roles for each performer so some of the men played women and some of the women played men.  Romeo and Juliet, however, were in the traditional genders.  (Michelle thinks it was rigged that way, I don’t think so.)

The things we walked away with are as follows:

Gender is fluid!
Marriage! Tool of the patriarchy!

Organized religion! Bad! 
Kids – they’re trouble! 
Knives are bad, so are drugs!

Romeo & Juliet – full of important life lessons!

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It was a fun performance of Romeo & Juliet


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