Post-SAT Stress

Michelle took the SAT on Saturday.  She walked out and said, "Forget college, I’m just going to marry rich."  Heh.

In the essay portion, she did what she always does – she changed point of view half way through and had to back up and re-write. 

In one math section, she entered the answers into the wrong section of the test and had to erase and go back.

She was stressed but a nice lunch and some gelato afterwards helped.

It’s early for her and if she really did blow it, she’s got plenty of time to take it again.  But who knows – she didn’t think she didn’t think she did well on the CPT and she did very well.   

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One response to “Post-SAT Stress

  1. The SAT and ACT were real stress points for Sticks, too. It’s good that she’s taking them early, because I had to push him to make the final deadline which meant we had to live with whatever his scores were. They were okay — not stellar, not horrid. And they were okay enough for acceptance to his schools of choice.

    The good news is that most universities aren’t weighting the SAT scores as heavily as they did in the past, preferring actual academic performance instead. So she probably did fine, and if she didn’t she has time to do it again.


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