Fun Lesson Friday

Talking about sex with your teens may not be a lesson plan that you consider fun.  But for me, it’s one of the best kinds of lesson plans.  Michelle isn’t always as enamored of these as I am, but such is life for teen girls. 

You can find some interesting ideas at Planned Parenthoods Real Life Real Talk website.  I don’t think the Rebus idea is one Michelle would be very fond of and I can’t say I blame her when it comes to these.  She’d probably find them amusing, as TW and I did, but she would find them dumb as part of a "real" lesson plan. The videos, now those are interesting.  Watch them before you show your kids, there’s real talk in there – and real language…

Michelle would much prefer a discussion about sex based on The Vagina Monologues.  If you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing these, then check with your library to see if Ensler’s video is available.  You can find some monologues on youtube but the quality isn’t always very good, and they are often cut off in the middle (not to mention there are a lot of "spoofs" so if you don’t know what you’re looking for, you can find some really REALLY alternative videos.)  The VMs are probably not for younger teens, though if you’ve got a very mature teen or an alterna-teen, they might be just fine.  Michelle was ready for them much earlier than my oldest daughter (or my son, for that matter).  Jenn saw them with me when she was 17, Michelle was 15 (but we’d planned to take her two years earlier but those plans fell through). 

Scarleteen is another good site to share with your teenagers.  Moms of boys, don’t let the pink scare you off.  Click "Boyfriends" to start out.  🙂

Of course, what’s more fun then sharing the old ways with our kids?  On youtube, "retro videos" can help you get started talking about things like sexually transmitted diseases, boys puberty, and for girls.

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One response to “Fun Lesson Friday

  1. Oh, how I wish my students had parents like you.

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