Fun Lesson Friday

This weekend, we’ll be moving our clocks forward an hour.  We’ll even have to take care of our computers on our own this year, Bill Gates can’t be bothered to do it for us like he usually does.  I think this is the perfect job for our children.  Wandering around the house, setting all of the clocks and all of the electronics. 

But first, the kids ought to know a little bit about why we have to do this silly little thing twice a year.  Here are some links to share with the kids.  Some DST trivia.  There are interesting things lurking in these links, things your kids will be interested in knowing.  Tidbits that will probably stick with them for life.  (Did you know a man evaded the draft by using DST?  The Brits call DST "summer time".  Studies done in the ’70s indicate we cut the country’s electricity use by 1% per day during DST!)

  • Web Exhibits
  • National Geographic
  • Wikipedia
  • California Energy

    Put your kids to work researching what has to be done if you own a Blackberry or an iPod.  Have them determine which of your computer programs are going to be effected by the early time change.  And then put them to work this weekend.  Let me know how your time change works out, ok?

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