Fun Lesson Friday

We are in Charleston for the College of Charleston preview.  This leads me to suggest a fun lesson plan for teens who are trying to choose a college and making college visits (real or virtual).

Have you seen the NY Times travel feature called "36 hours in _____"?  Well last week it was 36 Hours in Charleston.  How timely!

When your teen is choosing her colleges, have her create a 36 hours in… itinerary.  It’s an interesting way to learn about the town the college/university is located.  It gives you some things to talk about  – tourism and its role in the life of the city or the college.  Sports, and its role.  Industry…. 

Charleston is my home town.  So in this particular case, having Michelle come up with a 36 hours in Charleston itinerary is an interesting idea but not quite as challenging as having her come up with a 36 hours in…. itinerary for a city/town she’s not been to before, or not spent much time in.  It is still interesting to hear her talk about the places in my hometown that she really likes visiting.

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